Book Report Information Letter


We will be starting out term 2 book reports in class. Each time your child chooses a new English home reading book (weekly basis depending on length of book) they complete an I choose a book to encourage thinking about how to choose a book.

After they finish their book they will be able to choose from an assortment of book reports that they have in their ELA home reading folder.          
    1)   They can choose which book report they want to complete after        having read their book.
    2)  There is no specific order for them to be complete.
    3)  They only need to complete one report per book, after they have    finished reading their book. 
    4)  Each Friday they will be given time in class (unless there is no Friday in  that week) to work on them.

They have the choice of:

I write: Write about the story. What happened in the story? Who were the characters? When did the story take place? Where did the story take place? What was the ending? Was the ending happy, sad, satisfying, or leave you wanting more? What were your favourite parts?

Jump into the story: Write yourself into the story. Choose a part of the story and put yourself in the action. What would you do? What would you say? Would you help the main character? Would you solve the problem?

The End: Write a different ending to the story.

Let’s Play! The main character moves next door to you. Write about what you could do together.

Who? What? Where? When? Why?: Tell me who are the characters in the story? What is happening in the story? Where does the story take place? When does the story happen? Why is there a problem?

Character: Describe the main character at the beginning of the story and the end of the story.
Use words like happy, scared, shy, interested, lonely, funny, tired, curious, energetic…

Tell me what do you think the main character learns in this story?

If I was…: Imagine you are the main character. What is one thing you would do differently in the story than the main character. Tell me what you would do different and then write me a small letter telling me what and why you would do it differently.

About this book: Tell me about the book you read. What kind of book was it? Circle the best answer.  What do you think I should know about this book for when I want to read it? What makes it a good book, a good fit?

My Favourite Part: Tell me about your favourite part of the story. What happens? Why do you like that part? Is it funny or sad or happy?

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