French Home Reading Tracks Link

This is the link that will take you to Mme Boychuk's blog. All the audio tracks are there in a google document.

Look for your child's book colour and click the link underneath.
Bleu - blue
Jaune - yellow
Rouge - red
Vert - green

Once you are looking at all the audio tracks just double click the track number matching the one on your child's book.

Happy home reading!

We will be starting home reading! Here is a copy of the letter that will be sent home with your child about home reading in French.

The page below is the Lecture chez moi (LCM) (French home reading) page to keep track of your child's reading. This should be kept in their LCM bag and come back to school every day.

Date - date
Titre - title
Auteur - author
Genre de livre - Fiction (narrative) or non-fiction (informative)
Cote - star rating for interest, 3 stars is really good and 1 star is not interesting
J'ai partage ce livre avec - I read/shared this book with (your initials)

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  1. This is very cool! Sloan and I enjoyed reading together:)